Daniela Whaley

A possible glossary:

Care: Actions that protect and sustain the living.

Textile: A line of thought and action that is constituted by writing with threads.

Writing: Giving an exit and permanence to that which was confined.

Data: Conception, expression and ordering of reality to open a conversation or build information that can be useful.

To communicate: To make another person a participant in what one has.

Common: That not being privately owned by anyone, it belongs or extends to several people.

Public: Accessible to all.

Thread: Raw material that opens the door to the possibility of connecting.

Fabric: Woven body that lends itself to the conservation of memory.

Embroidery: Drawing in a decelerated way with threads.

Domestic: Associated with the tasks that make home.

Introspection: Inner look that is directed to one's own states of mind.

Laboratory: Space for experimentation or elaboration of something.

Conversation: Really attending to the other, listening to other points of view, being available to be surprised and responding to the thought of another.

* The image contains an embroidered data visualization of care tasks performed during one week in a specific territory: my house. The observation categories chosen were listening / attention, cleaning and nourishment. The exercise was conducted from December 4th to 11th, the last week that Mimi, my dog and companion, was alive. The care tasks dedicated to her are the red gestures.